Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Trends

Hello Lovelies!

Ever since the beginning of October people have been talking non-stop about the change in season and how the weather is finally getting colder.  Personally, I don't see a big change in the weather due to where I live and how things occur in nature.  But, fashion trends continue to boom near the end of fall.  Halloween is  next week (can you believe it!) and that seems to be the turn of all the trends.

You can start to see boots being worn and sweater weather is approaching (if it hasn't hit you already).  This year you can see some are trying to stray away from the usual dark, neutral tones that come during this time of the year.

One of my favorite fall trends is pullovers.  This '70's inspired look is coming back and I can't help but love this trend!!! Pullovers are comfy and warm, plus they come in all types of designs and patterns.  You can layer them, put simple scarfs over a loud pullover, they are super versatile. Here are some of my favorites that I have seen:

Forever 21: Wild Thing Leopard Sweater $22.80

Anchored To You Sweater-Ivory

Red Dress Boutique: Anchored to You Sweater $44

Another one of my favorite trends is knit beanies.  They are all over the runway!  This "hipster" trend has finally hit pop culture.  There are so many different colors and patterns.  Plus, you can find easy DIY tutorials all over the internet.

Ebay: Best Sloushy Beanie $14.95

Slouchy Beanie Hat Hand Knit Reversible Woodlands Forest Pine Green
Art Fire - Amazon: Slouchy Beanie Hat $38

The last fall trend is something not only specific to fall, but it is most worn during this time of year.  Something I have been seeing a lot of is CARDIGANS.  Cardigans are totally stylish and wearable.  Not only that, but they go with almost any outfit.  Dependent on the style of cardigan you can dress up or dress down a simple look. I absolutely love them.

American Eagle: Lightweight Boyfriend Cardigan $24.99

Love 21: Essential Cascading Cardigan $24.80

Fall is a great time of year to follow trends because they are super wearable and usually comfy.
Please note that I not only took fall trends from the runway but also what people are wearing and what I see on the streets.

What do you think is the best fall trend? I love Cardigans, so that would be my favorite.

Have a good day!

- Ana -

Friday, October 25, 2013


Hello Lovelies!

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I just wanted to give a quick introduction of myself.

My name is Ana.  I am currently attending high school.  I love fashion and have been designing since I was nine.  I also learned how to sew when I was nine and have been doing so since.  My goal is to improve myself everyday.  I am very interested in fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.  I want to inspire people.  Finally, I hope that this blog will help me to overall be a better person and that I can share my favorite things with others that are interested in them as well.


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