Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My "Health Story"

Hey Lovelies!

You might be wondering what a "health story" pertains to.  Don't worry I am alright if that's what you are wondering! Well I cam up with this idea to share my story about how I became interested in health and fitness.  I would also like to do this for fashion and crafts.  So here it is!

My love for health and fitness began about two years ago.  But, this story really begins when I was about nine or ten.  This is when I lost gymnastics {that's another story}.  I felt lost in life, like I had no meaning and could never pursue anything ever again.  At this point in my life I was sad and didn't care anymore about what I ate, what I did to my body, how I treated myself, how I treated others, in fact I focused so much on school and what others expected from me, that I completely forgot about myself  and my well being.

As two or three years went by, all I cared about was school, school, and school.  I am not saying I regret anything I did in my life and I wouldn't change a thing.  This is how I coped with the loss of something that I truly loved and cared for.  Anyway, two or three years passed and I began noticing that my body wasn't working the way it used to.  I couldn't go up a flight of stairs without going out of breath, and I was having symptoms of hypoglycemia.

This scared me, it really did and still does.  To this day, I am afraid that one day I just won't have the fuel in my body to continue and that my body will shut down on me.  So around this time last year I began to research everything I could on the body and health and how I should be treating my body, what I should eat, how I should exercise, etc. etc.

Summer before freshman year of high school I began to work out and start trying to eat healthier.  I found many alternatives to the bad foods I was eating and made an effort to start a food journal again and track my progress.  This continued and my love for health and fitness grew and grew.

This was me beginning high school,
before everything went downhill.

Freshman year of high school began and things got complicated.    I thought I would be able to juggle it all and I thought I would be like super woman and do everything and be everything.  It turns out that life isn't all we expect it to be.  High school was a big, HUGE let down for me.  In fact this has been one of the worst school years ever!

I stopped my effort to eat better and increase the diversity of foods I eat, I wouldn't track my progress, I began eating ice cream and cake in large amounts and eating tons of fried foods.  I let all the people telling me I was weak and small and telling me I could never be strong, I let them get to me.

Today I look at myself in the mirror and for the first time in my life I am disappointed.  Not by the way I look or the fact I am not as skinny as I used to be, or the fact that I am short.  I am disappointed in how I act, how I treat myself, how I treat others, my lack of motivation!

To be honest, I am not sharing this to make anyone pity me or feel bad for my lack of energy and motivation to move forward.  I am doing this mostly for myself.  Here is a little something I have decided to say to myself when I feel like I am not in control:


I know that this journey has not been easy for me.  I took all the information I learned and dumped it out the door.  But tomorrow is a new beginning and I don't want to stay stuck with the person I used to be.  Not just in the physical aspect but also just myself.  It is okay to have a bad day, but don't have a bad life.

I want everyone who reads this to smile and focus on the positive and wonderful things we have! I still have time to develop a better diet and train my body.  If you want to get better grades this semester in school, do it. Just work hard and don't let anything stand in your way.

I think my biggest mistake has been not taking the time I have and using that time wisely.  I sit an watch TV until late at night, I made stupid excuses not to help my mother, and I let other people tell me what is right and what it isn't.

Personally, it is very hard for me to develop new habits and change my lifestyle, but if others can do it, why can't I?

I hope that you got something out of this, I know that this was something I really needed and although it is 1 in the morning, I am glad that I wrote this for you guys and maybe now you know how I got into health and fitness and how I plan to continue my journey and not give up {like I have on many things}.

Remember, you can do anything!  Just work hard to get to where you want to be and you will get there!

xoxo, Ana

P.S. - I apologize for this odd post, I was having a rough day and just randomly started writing! I still hope you got something out of this post and  hopefully I did too.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's almost Spring Break?!?!

Hey lovelies.

Its been a while.

This is just a quick note that my blog will be up and running soon!  Tomorrow is my last day of school before spring break and I am super excited to get some post up for you guys.  I have planned an OOTD post, something about the pool/beach, a post about working out/healthy eating, possibly an organization post, and later a post about my trip to Washington D.C.

Have a great day!



Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Yearly Goals Progress

Hey lovelies!

As you may have noticed, I have kind of been slacking a bit on my blog recently.  This isn't isolated toward my blog, I have been neglecting my overall well being and my goals for the future.

Today I decided to do kind of like a "Progress Report" for my yearly goals or resolutions.  If you weren't aware, I made this blog in order to track my progress on myself, my style, my fitness, my projects, etc.  This blog makes me accountable and gives me reason to keep doing exercise (other than my well being) and to wear nice clothes, and to be a better person to others.

Well, since I have been extremely busy, I have put everything on HOLD.  My blog, my fitness, my overall self, I put everything but school on pause.  Although I really enjoy getting good grades, they still aren't the best and I have really been procrastinating and haven't been handling my problems head on.

So, I want to look back on my mistakes and see how I can fix them as well as myself.

~ 1 ~
Help out in my community more often.
Other than occasionally helping my Biology teacher after school, I haven't done much to improve my community at all.  I plan on getting my paperwork for school signed and sent to the guidance counselor {to get the hours for graduation} and then find new organizations or places that need help.

~ 2 ~
Make Healthier Lifestyle Choices
Yeah... No.  I have been eating more fruit and squeezing in the occasional workout, but it has not been going well.  The food tracker only works if you actually write down what you eat.... I always forget or feel ashamed and do exactly what I am not supposed to do!  This aspect of my life needs work.  I need to talk to my doctor about all the things wrong with me, make a plan of action, and actually do what is necessary to get myself back on track!

~ 3 ~
Pray more, worry less.
Another journal that is still sitting on the same shelf, untouched as always.  I still pray at night, but not as in depth as before.  Sometimes I fall asleep midway into my prayers or I forget to pray for someone because it slipped my mind.  I just hope that I can improve my relationship with God and really work on how I manage my time in order to really converse with Him as necessary.

~ 4 ~
Work hard at everything I do.
This one is probably the goal that I failed at the most and the one I am most disappointed in myself for.  I realize that I am my own biggest critic, but I seriously haven't been doing my best at anything, absolutely nothing.  In school I am mediocre, usually I have all As and suddenly I have three Bs and I don't seem to care.  Not only that but I have been SUPER lazy recently and just haven't been doing what I am supposed to be doing to improve myself and help others.  I just wish the last three months could be swiped clean and I could start over, but I can't.

~ 5 ~
Be a better person to myself and those around me.
Part of being a lady (and a respectable human being) is being a good person not only to those around you but to yourself as well.  As I said before I am my own biggest critic.  I wish I could say that I should cut myself some slack, but that only took me into the direction of the typical lazy, boring teenager.  That is not the person I want to be!  But I also need to work on being kinder and more courteous to the people around me.

Overall I have failed the past three months in my book.  But I can change that. I will change that, I am determined to change that!

Ever since my older sister became a "teenager" I promised myself that I would never become lazy, snobbish, conceded, self-conscious, and mean.  To see myself headed toward that direction really made me rethink my choices and made me feel really letdown by my own self.

I want to stay that confident, quirky, kind, hardworking, creative young woman I was before entering high school.  I know that this is a time where some people struggle keeping their true identity, but I am not one of those people.

My plan is to set aside time everyday to write down what I ate, write down my prayers  really focus on my relationship with God, go to confession on Saturday and mass on Sunday, to clean my area, do exercise when time permits {rather than sitting on my butt watching TV shows or scrolling through Pinterest}, help my parents, work on my overall self and how I treat others.

It's a simple plan, and with small changes every day I hope to really get the happiness that I want.

xoxo, Ana