Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My New Sewing Buddy!

Hello Lovelies!

I love sewing and crafting!  For me, it's another form of therapy, other than running.

This adorable little owl is a great friend to keep me company while I sew my heart away!  She is super cute and holds all my little trinkets so I don't loose these important tools.  I found her, originally, on Pinterest, of course, and as soon as I got my sewing machine I knew I had to make her!

Her name is Moncha, in honor of my late great-grandmother.  She taught my grandmother how to sew, who in turn taught me how to sew.  This little gal now sits next to my machine, until I get a desk for my crafting things.

If you want to try this project out, it took me a couple of hours to complete but I was just getting to know my machine.  She is super cute and has her quirks.  I absolutely lover her!  Her eyes are off, and her feet are practically falling off.  But, that's is why sewing is so awesome.  Everything you make is different and everything you make is unique.

Here is the link to the pattern and instructions:  http://www.shanniloves.com/2013/07/tutorial-owl-you-need-is-sewing-buddy.html

Please Note:  I don't think this is a beginner project, so please be careful if you don't know how to work with sewing machines!

Let me know if you guys want any tutorials on sewing or crafting.

xoxo, Ana

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Work It Wednesday: Summer Nails

Hey Lovelies!

Just wanted to update you guys on my nails for the first week of summer!!! Yay!  I am super excited for this summer and cannot wait to see the fabulous adventures ahead {considering the school year was a bore}.

I really want to get back into the girly, sophisticated mood I had before school completely messed me up.  I used to love giving myself manicures and pedicures.  They are super fun and relaxing.  During school, I never had time to do my nails, pick out a cute outfit, and really show who I was.  So, it was only fitting I start the summer with a fun, bright, sparkly mani/pedi!

Quick disclaimer: I do my own nails, I am only fifteen, so if you see any mistakes I apologize in advance.  My nails are short because I cut them so I wouldn't have to worry during finals about a broken nail... The sad truth.

Main Nails: Essie - Watermelon
Accent Nail:  Orly - Tiara

Let me know what color your painting your nails this summer!  I love to use bright colors and stand out.

xoxo, Ana

P.S. - I am super excited to finally tell you guys about all the projects I have planned hopefully this weekend!!! :D

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Staying Fabulous: Setting Goals

Hi Lovelies!

I really hope you are having a super fabulous day!  Today I want to tell you about the first step in anything you want to do: Setting Goals.  Before tackling any daunting project you always want to set goals and prepare yourself for what is to come.  Especially with organizing and cleaning.

So, how do you set and complete these goals?

~ 1 ~
Constantly Remind Yourself
Post your goals in notes all over your house.  Maybe even use an agenda to plan out your goals.  Don't forget that things take time and telling yourself one day won't be enough motivation.  You need to be able to know what your plans are and how to execute them.  If an agenda doesn't work for you, use to-do lists.  But don't spend all your time planning and not doing the work.

~ 2 ~
One Step At A Time
Don't try and fill your calendar to the max and do everything at once.  You are going to be overwhelmed and in the end you won't get the job done.  A lot of people make this mistake and become aggravated and cannot continue to finish their project.

~ 3 ~
Stress Less, Do More
You will never get anything done if you are stressed about twenty other things.  This is one of the reasons I cannot wait until summer {tomorrow is my last day of school!!!}.  Figure out a schedule that works for you and stick to it.  If you start stressing before you even begin, your end result will only be half done.

I hope this helps you all!  My next post in this series will be on a project I am working on over the summer: Re-Doing My Closet and Style.  Super sorry for the short post I just wanted to get something up for you guys.

Have an amazing day.

xoxo, Ana