Thursday, July 31, 2014

Classy and Sassy: Stay Classy in Society

Hello Lovelies.

So this is a post that is important for me and that I think every girl should be aware of.  The title may seem like I want you to be super proper, all the time.  But, honestly, I think society today is just wrong in the depiction of women shown to younger girls.  We need to be better examples for young girls that look up to their older companions.

Today society has a notion that young girls are all rebels and that dressing like a rebel is not only acceptable, but better.  Conservative women are looked at as being shy and are often bullied for the way they dress.  Not only the way they dress but young girls also believe that being a "diva" is okay and that they can disrespect the people around them and {worst of all} themselves.  Having a little attitude is fine when defending yourself, but not as a means of hurting others.

I am not saying that everyone has to be as conservative as myself, but that young ladies should be, well, ladies.  I am not going to make this post a list, but I just want to talk about how being classy can affect your life and really help you in your self-confidence.

I realize that it is not easy to remain self-confident when we live in a world where we criticize almost everything, especially between young women.  Girls can't be chubby or they are fat, if they are skinny they are anorexic, they can't wear makeup without being fake and if they don't wear makeup they are tomboys.  We allow the media to tell us what is beauty, rather than making our own opinions based on our fondness of other people.  Young women {including myself} should be aware of their own unique beauty.

Society tells us that disrespecting our elders is praised and is "normal" for teenagers that are going through a developmental process. That is just wrong!  I know that I am one to defy my parents occasionally, and I think it is part of life, but telling girls that it is acceptable is not okay.  We should respect others, and that means showing the whole world your butt is not ladylike, talking back is just rude, and being a bully is just plain unappealing.

The last thing I want to talk about is girls and other girls.  How can girls think it is okay to hurt someone else that they realize may be going through similar struggles as themselves?  We should be supporting each other and picking each other up, not putting each other down.

Let me know what your thoughts and opinions are on the topic in the comments below. I just wanted to address a subject that directly affects the youth today.

Remember to stay classy. ;)

xoxo, Ana

Monday, July 28, 2014

Fitness: Tips on Starting to Run

Hello Lovelies!

As you know I am a runner.  Now what does that mean, it means that although I don't run all that fast, or all that far, I enjoy running and I enjoy going outside and going for a run.  I am still starting as a runner, and I want to share with you all my tips on starting out and the beginning stages of running.  It is not easy to begin a new sport, especially if you are not a very athletic person {ding, ding, ding, moi}, but this particular sport is something you must focused on and takes a lot of personal motivation.  I'm not going to make another disclaimer, but I am no professional this is from my personal opinion.

I am not the best at completing things I set my own mind to, but running is the best sport for someone who is very controlling, organized, and meticulous.  Because of this, not many people enjoy running or continuously commit to running.  My blog is my place to share my opinions and I honestly do not think running is for everyone.  Running is not easy and it takes massive amounts of dedication.  With that in mind, let's get on with the tips.

~ Tip 1 ~
Stick to it. No matter what!
When I first began running many people told me I couldn't do it and that I was too little to run very far.  Running takes dedication and you have to keep going no matter what.  This includes when your feet hurt, your back aches, and your legs feel like falling off.  I am not saying that you should keep going if you feel immense pain, but running is a mental sport and you have to keep going no matter what.

~ Tip 2 ~
Get Proper Gear
The other day I went running with my running socks, I usually save them for when I run extra long distances.  I had not realized how much of a difference they make.  Not to mention proper shoes.  You will have to splurge on a pair of running shoes, I currently have the Sketchers with Memory Foam.  Lastly, when you really start running you will realize that cotton is no longer your friend. You're gonna wanna buy some shirts and pants made of moisture-wicking fabric.

~ Tip 3 ~
Don't Push Yourself Too Far
You don't want to start of running a fourth of a mile and in a week progress to a mile.  Especially if you are starting by walking you want to slowly increase the amount you run or walk.  If you push yourself too far you could actually hurt yourself in the end.  So know your limitations and work around them to reach your goal.

~ Tip 4 ~
Make Tiny, Medium, and Big Goals
For example my tiny goal is to run three full miles by the end of summer {don't really know if it is possible...}, my medium goal is run a 5K, 10K, and Half-Marathon.  My Big goal is quite large, but I want to run my first marathon before I finish high school.  So three more years to run 26.2 miles...  Yeah I am a bit ambitious but meeting these goals or getting close is needed to push yourself and really necessary.

~ Tip 5 ~
Stretch and Cross Train
Stretching and Cross Training is very important for your body to endure running.  Make sure you know which stretches to do when, for example dynamic stretching before and static stretching after.  Cross Training is basically doing other forms of training, particularly strength training for your muscles.  I suggest beginning cross training when you start running to get your body used to the training and to build up the muscle you need to do endurance running.

Make sure you do your research before beginning to run and do any type of exercise.  Like I said this is a sport that takes a lot of dedication and you have to really be self-motivated.

I hope this helps you out if you want to start running.

xoxo, Ana

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Staying Fabulous: Cleaning - The Real Deal

Hey Lovelies.

You are probably wondering what this title means...
Basically I think it is important that young women learn to really clean and really organize their space.  Some people may disagree with this and everyone has their own opinion, but I just want to share a little bit about cleaning versus organizing.

First off, cleaning is not just sweeping over the top of your cabinets and spraying disinfectant in a room.  Especially when talking about a bathroom, deep cleaning is not only essential it is important for your health.  So basically, you are supposed to at least every two weeks deep clean your bathroom and at least every month you should clean your room.

I will be doing a cleaning schedule post in the future, because it is important to organize your time correctly, especially when deep cleaning.

When cleaning a bathroom, I find that sections are the best way to go.  Because my bathroom is quite small I have four sections: bathtub, toilet, sink, and floor.  Here are some steps to cleaning your bathroom:
1. Remove everything from your bathroom.
2. Dust and remove any hair from the floor, sink, bathtub, etc.
3. Apply a disinfecting toilet cleaner to the area where water comes from your toilet, don't scrub.
4. Scrub and disinfect the sink, use a tile cleaner if necessary.
5. Scrub and disinfect the bathtub.  Make sure that you clean the tiles and really scrub the bottom of your tub, it harbors lots of bacteria, excess soap/shampoo/conditioner, and tiny hairs from shaving.
6. Scrub and disinfect the toilet.  Use a little brush for the inside of the toilet.  Use a towel/old sponge to scrub and disinfect the outside of the toilet.
7. Clean and disinfect your floors.
8. Clean your mirrors and dust any decorations.

When cleaning my room I don't have specific sections and I do clean certain things on a daily/weekly basis.  Whenever I deep, deep clean my room, which happens about twice maybe three times a year, I focus on areas similarly to when I clean my bathroom: closet, chest, desk, and under the bed.  I honestly just get out as much as I can from my closet, under my bed, I vacuum my entire floor including my closet, then I dust and disinfect all of my surfaces.  Afterwards I get rid of anything I don't need/want and I organize all the drawers and make sure everything is back where it should be.  If I find that an organization system isn't working for me, this is when I change it and try something new.  Finally I organize clothing and anything extra that I find in my room.

I think it is really important to learn how to deep clean, although some people disagree.  If you have any tips on cleaning let me know in the comments.  I don't have a full house to take care of, but as a teenager I think it is important to start learning to clean and manage your personal space.  It also helps me to keep things more organized so that those days aren't very difficult.

Remember that daily and weekly cleaning is important as well and will help you keep a tidy home.

xoxo, Ana

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sewing: My First and Second Pants

Hey Lovelies!

Anyway, with summer finally here I have had quite a bit of time to work on some projects.  Due to my break and then sudden vacation I have not had much time to share my creations with you all.

This past month I created my first three pairs of pants, but why does the title say two you ask.  The first ones I made I don't count because they were my test run and I used them just to try out sewing techniques and figure out the pattern.  I feel very proud of myself because this was the first clothing piece I made without my grandmother assisting me.

There were a few bumps on the road and I sewed the wrong pant leg to another pant leg and ended up with the front pieces together.  At which point I had to unpick every stitch very carefully because I was using a silk-type polyester fabric {it was a mess}.  But I got them both completed and ready to wear.  I haven't styled them yet, but they are awesome pieces and I cannot wait to wear them out and share some pictures.

~ Pant 1 ~
Grey and White Cotton Shorts with Pockets

 ~ Pant 2 ~
Silk-Type Polyester Elastic Waist and Hems

 I do plan on making a post/video on how to make a basic pair of pants when I have properly perfected the art of making pants.  The second pair I made were similar to Harem Pants style, but I originally made them using a pattern for sleeping pants {they are actually Capri but I'm short} and altered them to look more like Harem style pants.

Let me know if you want a sewing tutorial, I could definitely do one.

xoxo, Ana

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Puppy!

Hello Lovelies!

As you probably noticed, I have not been writing as much for the past two days.. I have a valid reason.  My family got a puppy!  How exciting?  This is the first family dog, and because there are seven people, including five children, the past few days have been exhausting.  But I want to introduce him to you guys, since he is now a part of my life.

Meet Hunter.  He is a nine-week old Golden Retriever.  He loves to chew and bite almost everything that moves.  His favorite games are tug-of-war and fetch.  We bought him Monday July 21st.

Honesty, I was not originally comfortable with the idea of another being living in my house.  For me, it was crowded enough with six other people and adding a dog was just too much.  Not that I don't like dogs, but it is difficult having to share everything with everyone, including my time.  But I do really enjoy Hunter's company.

He is still a pup and has had no previous training, so these days we have had to spend quite a bit of time trying to get him {and ourselves} accustomed.  Although I would love to fall asleep right now, I just really wanted to share this news with you all!  From now on I will try to post at least four days a week, if not more.  As the puppy grows up, I won't have to spend my time watching it as often as I currently do.

If you have any tips on training a little puppy please feel free to comment below your suggestions.

Have an amazing day!

xoxo, Ana

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fashion: New Show - Threads

Hello Lovelies!

I just wanted to quickly post about an exciting new show that I recently heard about.  This is a new show similar to Project Runway but for teens and tween fashion designers!  How awesome is that?  Like Porject Runway, this is a Lifetime show.  Rumor has it that Christian Siriano is judge and that Ingrid Nelson a guest judge.

This new show does not come on for a really long time, but I heard about a while ago and finally confirmed this amazing new television show.  Sometimes I think I am a TV maniac, because I watch so many shows, but I am honestly super duper excited!

Let me know if you are awaiting any new television shows coming up.

xoxo, Ana

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fashion: My Inspirations

Hey Lovelies!

This post is going to be about one of my favorite things ever... {singing voice} FASHION!  I have been watching the Fall/Winter Fashion Shows and, like any other teenager, stalking my style icons.  For me, fashion and clothes is a luxury, not a necessity, but it is a luxury I prefer to have.

Today I want to talk about some of my fashion inspirations of today.  Young women that are taking the fashion world by storm, the ones who will be running the show in just a few years.  I definitely feel like this is my territory, considering I am a young girl who enjoys fashion and beauty and is aware of who is "in" and who, I think, is going to last in such a difficult business.  By no means do I think I am one of these fabulous ladies, but I look up to them for inspiration, even though they are only a few years older than myself {or even my age}.

~ Peyton List ~

If you have not yet heard of this young lady, you will most definitely feel her presence in the near future!  She is absolutely fabulous and her style is edgy with a chic twist.  Her influence in the fashion world has already begun, I mean she was a guest editor for a big magazine for fashion week {what?}.  I think she wears clothing that is age appropriate and Peyton really rocks whatever she wears.

~ Bella Thorne ~

Not gonna lie, I will question Bella's style and choices every once in a while.  Other than the fact that at times her clothing looks for older women, I really think she is someone to look out for.  She is glamorous and knows herself well and knows how to dress her body.  One of my favorite aspects of her is her hair!  She has gorgeous hair that she styles in very sophisticated looks.  I, overall, just enjoy her as a person and as someone to look for inspiration in the fashion world.

~ Zendaya ~

This is probably one style icon that is not for me, personally, because I am quite girly and I prefer lavish, chic looks.  But Zendaya has a different style that suits other people and that I have taken a fancy to.  She has contributed to The Fashion Police twice and she knows what she is talking about.  I think she is definitive in who she is as a person and as someone who appreciates fashion, which I love.

~ G. Hannelius ~

If I am not mistaken, she is the youngest person that is on my list.  She is about my age so currently fifteen, but I adore her style, her clothes, her hair, her makeup, her nails, and what she stands for.  As a young woman I know the struggle that is finding yourself and trying to make yourself stand out, and she has done such a graceful job of simply slowly growing up.  I admire her charity work almost as much as I admire her clothing!   Just a side note - I love how she is basically just as short as me and has the confidence to shine in the business.  She is someone who I want to see more of.

I absolutely love these young ladies, they inspire my wardrobe, and I look up to them for the new trends and what to wear.  They are mostly older than me, but I still think that they are great fashion icons as well as role models.  My wish is that these fellow fashionistas continue working in the fashion and beauty department, and stay just as lovely as they are currently.

Let me know what your fashion inspirations are in the comments below!

xoxo, Ana

Fitness: Fitness Blender

Hey Lovelies!

I really quickly wanted to share one of my absolute favorite free fitness videos.  This website and their videos are probably the best free fitness videos and advice you can find out there.

I have been using their videos for about two years now, and I always go back to them when I try other fitness type things and training plans.  I think they are awesome, they have super professional videos, and they work really hard to get their videos up and they have a super amazing website.

I promise they are not asking me to do this post or tell you guys about them, I honestly really enjoy their videos and they really make me sore and make me sparkle {because I don't sweat}.  Sometimes I cannot do everything correctly because they are more flexible and I have to do things at a beginner/intermediate level, but they still kick my butt.

Because of my recent decline and break, I didn't do much working out.  So now I have to start from the beginning again, which is the worst.  I have to start over with running as well :(.  But they are super encouraging and their videos have taught me a lot.

They also have amazing programs that you guys can try out, I have not personally tried them out. Honestly, I find training plans stress me out and I prefer to do my own thing, especially because I do use their videos for cross-training when I run.

This is a link to their website:

I hope you guys try them out and tell me what you think about them and how you find their videos.

xoxo, Ana

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Book Nook: The Luxe

Hey Lovelies.

These past few weeks I have been reading a book that I have been wanting to read for a while now.  This book is just the type of book I personally love.  It is a bit morbid in the fact that this book is about the mysterious lives of Manhattan's Elite in the late 1800s, and someone dies... {dun, dun, dun}.

I won't let any spoilers slip, other than the fact someone dies, but that's let out at the very beginning of the book.  At first it was difficult to follow the story line because the author, Anna Godbersen, did an amazing job of writing the novel in old-English.

One of the best parts of this book is the historic references and how well the author did her research, I have always enjoyed that time period and this was probably one of the best depictions of the time period I have yet to read.  It was easy to imagine yourself in the setting and in such a lavish lifestyle.  This book, of course, is more of my style and is about one of my favorite topics which is murder and betrayal.  It is very comparable to the Heist Society series by Ally Carter.  Which is one of my favorite book series of all time.

So this book deals with high society famailies of the late 1800s in New York.  The main characters are sisters Elizabeth and Diana and how their lives are suddenly falling apart at the seams.  As stated in the blurb, "their status is far from secure, everyone, from their trusted servants, to their friends and lovers, seems to threaten their golden future".

I have read plenty of books in which every chapter is a depiction of the same period of time from the point of view of different characters.  But this novel was just brilliantly orchestrated in that Godbersen made you think and made you really analyze the situation from different perspectives.  Not just retell the situation and bore you by telling the same scene twice.  She chose the characters that she was going to use for each chapter so that you could get a feel for the moment in time and understand how other characters felt and their emotions.
Otherwise, the plot was interesting and caught my attention.  I really, really enjoyed the depiction of the clothing, and the mannerisms of the people at that point in time.  This book was honestly one of the best combinations of romance, tragedy, death, and deception.  Hopefully I can read the rest of the series and let you know what I think.

I am currently reading The False Prince, I am about a fourth of the way done and I  am enjoying the book.  In the future I also hope to read Belles and Poseur.

If you want to see an extensive list of books I've read and want to read you can visit the site Goodreads and check out my profile.

Let me know in the comments what you are currently reading!

xoxo, Ana

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fitness: Best Leg Exercises

Hey Lovelies!

So, I haven't done too many fitness posts because they kind of scare me.  So before we get started I just want to make a disclaimer:  I am not a professional and anything I say is from personal experience; I am just sharing to let you know what works for me.  As much as I enjoy learning and researching about the body, I am not a professional on the human body. We all have different bodies and our bodies react differently to exercise and diet.  Please be cautious before making any drastic changes in your daily routine and ask a physician if you are ready for any change.

Anyway, I just wanted to talk to you all about leg exercises.  We all want nice, toned legs for those shorts during the summertime.  But, some of us don't have gym memberships {that would be me} and a lot of us are just starting to progress into the "toning wagon".  If you seek major weight loss, I will be making a future posts/videos about cardio and the importance of this on all of our bodies (weight loss or otherwise).  Here is just some of my favorite leg exercises.  I don't have any specific routine, I usually just find something on YouTube or Pinterest, these are just the specific things that work best for me.

~ 1 ~
We all hate them, but we all love them.  They are so amazing for toning your thighs and your booty and, if done properly, can even be a core exercise.  I will occasionally add a little wight by holding dumbbell(s) to supplement this exercise, but alone it is still amazing!  All types of squats are amazing and each work a specific muscle group in your thighs and booty.  From sumo squats  to pistol squats to ski squats, they are amazing!

~ 2 ~
Another exercise that seems to repeat among anyone who talks about legs.  But, they work.  I recently found out there are more than just a few forms of lunges, including the curtsy lunges.  I looked crazy yesterday as I stepped forward and kept putting my hands out as if I was wearing a dress from Titanic.  This exercise works a different muscle in you booty than a squat and is amazing for those thighs.

~ 3 ~
Who would have thought that lifting your but from the floor could cause so much pain?  Bridges are awesome to perk up that booty and tighten those hamstrings.  Try doing them on only one leg, you will be in pain for days!  I love this exercise and think it is just amazing.

~ 4 ~ 
This super simple exercise consists of standing near a wall and using your booty and thighs to kick your legs back.  It sounds so simple and so easy, but it is more difficult than you could imagine.  There are several forms of doing this, you could even do it laying of all fours.  As long as you don't cheat yourself and really squeeze those muscles, you will get amazing results from simple, little pulses.

~ 5 ~
Calf Raises
I cannot explain my adoration of calf raises.  I love them so very much because they seem to be the only exercise that really work on my calf, especially when adding weights.  Of course you can add weights to any of the other exercises, but this one really kicks my butt.

If you have any other super, awesome, totally amazing leg exercises, let me know about them in the comments.  These are not the only things I do, but they are just my very favorite.

I hope you learned something from this and like learning a bit more about fitness, pertaining to the legs!

xoxo, Ana

P.S. - I have been obsessed with reading, so expect lots of posts about books!  I don't typically bye books, I will just go to the library or buy them online {my kindle doesn't work anymore so the library is my only solution} but I love reading and will be sharing my opinions about some of the books I have checked out recently.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Classy and Sassy: Your Beauty Sleep

Hello Lovelies!!!

So, it is finally summer {Ahhhhh!!!} and a lot of teenagers enjoy staying up late and sleeping until one in the afternoon.  For my family, staying up means waking up at ten in the morning, but to each their own.  But, what a lot of people don't realize is how important sleep is not only for your beauty but also for your health.

I am starting another "series" of just small tips and advice for you guys, to help all of us stay Classy and Sassy {see what I did there?}.  Why is sleep important, how does sleep help me, and why would I take time out of my day to sleep when I could rest when I'm dead?  These are all questions that make a lot of sense.  Especially if we are trying to justify a lack of sleep to working or having fun.

What a lot of people don't realize is that we need sleep, not just two hours per night, but at least seven hours of sleep every single night.  Not only do you feel amazing when you wake up, but sleeping has many hidden health benefits that people are not aware of.

~ 1 ~
Improve your memory.
The brain is still working while you sleep.  A lot people say to study right before you go to sleep, you are more likely to remember information this way, but why?  Our brain continues to function as we sleep and stores information, like you would file papers into a cabinet.

~ 2 ~
Increase metabolism.
If you are trying to lose weight, sleep more and better.  Our bodies will feel hungry when we are tired and will try and create extra fat storage.  As we sleep our bodies release hormones including metabolism.

~ 3 ~ 
Better physical conduct.
Fatigue and exhaustion will cause your physical performance to decline.  Studies have shown this is truw including a study by Stanford University on college football players.

~ 4 ~ 
Natural stress relief.
Our bodies release melatonin while we sleep.  Melatonin not only combats cortisol or stress but also has been found to help high blood pressure.  This hormone also regulates our biological clock, so sleep in complete darkness when you want to tell yourself it's time to sleep.

~ 5 ~
Help your immune system.
People with "low-quality sleep" or really bad sleep have increased cortisol levels.  What is cortisol?  Cortisal is a stress hormone.  Basically, your body becomes stressed with lack of sleep.  These increased levels also cause us to get hungry and eat even more.

Sleep is very mysterious and its' reason for existing is still unsure.  What we do know is that sleep is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Sleep also decreases inflamation, allows blood flow for radiant skin, and releases growth hormones necessary for healthy skin and hair.

Not just that, but you wake up feeling refreshed, with a clear mind, and a new beginning.  Don't skimp on your beauty sleep!

xoxo, Ana

Monday, July 14, 2014

Orlando Vacation!!! {Part 2}

Hey Lovelies!

Part 2 is here.  I hope you guys enjoy looking at my pictures {don't worry my normal posts are coming back}.

~ Day 4 ~
Lego Land

 ~ Day 5 ~
Exploring, Pool, and Family

 ~ Day 6 ~
Traveling Home

So... I don't have any pictures of the last day because we were just on the road trip home and I was exhausted and I also unpacked.

I hope you guys enjoy a little taste of Orlando and my outfits.  If you want to visit Orlando I suggest it 110%.  This was the first time I went to Lego Land but I have been to Disney World, Universal, Sea World, and even Busch Gardens in Tampa.  Although going in the summer is not best idea {it rains after noon almost every day} but Fall and Winter is the best time to visit this amazing city.

Have a wonderful day!

xoxo, Ana