Monday, June 29, 2015

Puerto Rico: Day 7

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you guys are having a fun and productive summer!  Although this is the time for vacations and relaxation, it is important to keep our priorities in line.  Today was a great day for me to catch up with my exercise and healthy eating habits, although I am still not where I want to be in terms of my academic things I will catch up in that aspect as well.

Running again was such a great feeling.  Of course, I couldn't run as far as I usually do but it still felt amazing to get back to doing something I love. {The same could be said about my blogging ;D}

The start of my day was spent running at a nearby track.  Like I said, it is great to be exercising again and it felt awesome to sweat and get all of the toxins out of my body.

We then went to visit the cities center.  It was so much fun learning some history about famous people in this area of Puerto Rico.  Plus I got to see where my grandparents and parents went to school and fell in love, as well as where my grandfather's funeral was held.

Some pictures of me exercising and my grandmother enjoying the machines at the track. :D

Finally, I am ending my day doing some summer reading, blogging, and later on I will try my hardest to fall asleep so I can get an early start tomorrow and begin changing my circadian rhythm so that I am more of a morning person. {Cross your fingers my plan works.}

I also got a few pieces of clothing today, but I will be sharing them in a bigger haul post later, so don't worry I intentionally left that part out of my post.

As always it would be lovely to know how your summer is going in the comments below!  Have a wonderful day.

xoxo, Ana

Puerto Rico: Day 6

Hey Lovelies!

The sixth day was a day of rest and relaxation and very uneventful considering we had spent an entire day before very busy and filled with the harsh rays of the sun.  I wasn't really up to doing much since I was super tired, but we always find something to do {even on days we plan on not doing anything}.

My sister and I got ready in the morning for Church.  I was super proud of my makeup. :D

The rest of the day was simply spent with family, relaxing after a day of fun.

Not every day is filled with activities and things to do.  Sometimes the body just needs rest before regaining strength in order to continue.  Never forget to give yourself some rest.

xoxo, Ana

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Puerto Rico: Day 5

Hey Lovelies!

I truly hope you guys are having a super awesome summer!  So not many people get the opportunity to go to this amazing little island called Guilligan's Island off the coast of Puerto Rico.  I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to go twice {this is my second time going}.  Honestly, pictures do not suffice to show the beauty of the nature in this beautiful little gem.

{I was suggested not to post pictures with times because they get in the way so the only picture with a timestamp is the first one, the rest have been left alone.}

The island is filled with plants that filter out the dirt and bad microbes.  It is clean and fresh ocean water.  Guilligan's Island is a nature preserve filled with amazing views and some of the best canals to swim in.  It is absolutely spectacular, but you have to get there very early since there are a limited amount of spots available.

To get to the island on time we had to get up super early and pack up all of our things in order to leave at 6 am for a two hour trip across Puerto Rico.

The view throughout the journey there was just gorgeous!  The mountains are so peaceful and serene.

From the start, the trees and clear waters envelope you in a sea of wonder and beauty. 

The nature preserve keeps the animals in this habitat safe from harm done by humans.  These big guys came super close to us and often had no shame trying to take our food. {Not gonna lie, it was super scary!}

Family Photos :D

The water was so clear and clean, it was incredible.

Finally, a scenic picture of the waters at Guilligan's Island.

Honestly, if you ever plan on visiting Puerto Rico this needs to be one of the places to visit along with Old San Juan and El Yunque.   This amazing, secluded piece of land is a great place to swim and be with family, but it is also amazing to appreciate nature and the beauty it encompasses.

xoxo, Ana

Puerto Rico: Day 4

Hello Lovelies!

This day was a super chill day because tomorrow we have really big plans.  We decided not to go anywhere too straining and I just did some things to ease my mind.  I didn't get to work out but I will get back on that as soon as possible.

I wasn't feeling too good this morning so I didn't get up from bed until fairly late into the day.  {One of the benefits of being on vacation ;D}

After breakfast, I worked on a canvas that my grandmother wanted me to make.  It took forever just to make the background and that is all I was able to complete today.

Later into the day I was just relaxing, super appreciative to be healthy on this beautiful planet in this gorgeous island.

Another Puerto Rico appreciation photo.

Near the end of the day we had to get some supplies for the following day such as sunblock and snacks.

Because I am still a child, my sister and I sat down to watch Teen Beach 2 premier on Disney Channel.

Let me know in the comments below how your summer is going! I hope it is fabulous and filled with many blessings and new experiences.

xoxo, Ana

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Puerto Rico: Day 3

Hello Lovelies!

Today was a bit more interesting, although I have spent a good part of my day working on summer reading, learning Code, some studying for the SAT, and {of course} working on my blog.  Overall it was a great day.  I drank lots of water and ate better than I have in a long time.

It was also very important for me to start working out again and doing cardio and such.  The first thing I did after waking up and eating breakfast was to do a total body workout and then did some quick stretches before finally taking advantage of the running water.

First thing in the morning I got up, ate a filling breakfast, and headed back to my room to do an at-home total body workout.

After finishing my workout I took a shower since we finally have running water for just a day and got ready for the movies with my family.

When getting to the movies we found that Pitch Perfect was unavailable and decided to watch Tomorrowland instead.  I love the movie and felt it was an interesting take on the simple Disney attraction.  Not to mention one of my favorite actors played a leading role.

Later in the day, I came home to continue doing work and maybe watch some Netflix later.

Thank you guys for conitinuing to follow my journey through this summer.  I definetly think the island is an interesting place and worthy of attention.  We will doing come exploring in the rainforest and beaches further into the summer and I am so excited to show pictures of that with you all.

xoxo, Ana

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Puerto Rico: Day 2

Hey Lovelies!

As promised, I am continuing to record my daily progression throughout my time in PR.  I am warning you, these past few days haven't been the most interesting since we are still getting settled down, but after today they should begin to pick up a little.

We decided to go to Gilligan's island so we went shopping to get some things for the trip right after we woke up.

 After a few days, we still haven't finished packing.  I got the last few things done right after I took this picture.

I am finally ending my day by working on my blog and some school work.

I hope you guys are having a wonderful summer.  I will have some OOTD posts and things to do in PR posts soon.  

xoxo, Ana

Puerto Rico: Day 1

Hey Lovelies!

I made it.  After a day of travel and goodbyes, I finally made it.  It was a great flight filled with many laughs and fun times.  Focusing on the positive parts of life has become something that I am mindful of and continues to be something easier and easier.  The only thing on my mind recently has been my lack of exercise... oops.

I was super excited in the morning and couldn't wait to get on the plane and go to my little island.

On my way to the airport, my army bag was almost as big as my body. {to be honest, it looked kinda funny}

At the airport we visited the Food Network Kitchen.  This was definitely some of the best airport food stops I have ever had.  The croissant was spectacular! 

Waiting to board the airplane, the weather was so beautiful outside.

All ready to go!  My girls and I took a picture right before the plane left, just for memories.

The view from the plane was amazing to say the least.


Unfortunately the weather was not as pleasant in Puerto Rico when we got there, but it was still super exciting to be back after two years,

The greenery around my house in Puerto Rico is just stunning and reminded me of how happy it is finally be home and feel like I belong.  

Can't forget about Malta!  This is a typical Puerto Rican drink.  It doesn't appeal to many outsiders but I absolutely love indulging in one of these. :D

My trip so far has not been very eventful, but it will in the future.  We're still getting settled and tomorrow won't be very eventful either, but we are planning things for the future.

xoxo, Ana