Thursday, August 27, 2015

BTS: First Day of School OOTD

Hey Lovelies!

I'm super sorry that I haven't posted in almost a week, my life has been super hectic as I try to balance everything now that school has started.  I am continuing my back to school series so you can expect some upcoming posts about school.

For now, I have an outfit of the day for you all.  I chose this year to go simple: nice blouse, skinny jeans, and sandals.  Nothing extra special, but definitely not my every day wear.  I do wish I could dress this nice for school on a daily basis but it honestly is not as comfortable and it costs way too much.

I wore my hair down {very unusual of me} and did wear a little bit of makeup so that I looked presentable.

My shirt is from Kohl's, the jeans are Aeropostale, sandals are from Rack Room Shoes, and my jacket is also from Aeropostale.

Have an awesome day Lovelies!

xoxo, Ana

Sunday, August 23, 2015

BTS: What's in my school bag?

Hello Lovelies!

So a very popular topic on social media is what is your purse or bag.  I thought I would share mine as well before the school year starts.  This year my goal was to look cute for school, but still practical.  So I got a super adorable bookbag and put in my usual supplies.

My school bag is from American Eagle, it a gorgeous dark gray color, super neutral so it goes with everything,  All of my other school supplies are from either Walmart or Target.  A lot of them aren't knew because it's really easy to reuse supplies in high school, so keep that in mind.

American Eagle Gray Backpack 


Scientific Calculator

Paper Folder 

Binder with Dividers

Pencil Pouch

Gum and Extra Charger

After I took these pictures I just added some lotion, my dialect journal, and chapstick to my bag.  I will also be taking a lunch bag to school {yes I carry around a lunch bag, don't judge}.  Let me know if I'm missing anything in my school bag, honestly this is what I've always brought and don't find a need for much else.

Happy Back to School!

xoxo, Ana

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Back to School Series

Hello Lovelies!

As we all know, back to school season is finally here!  I am both excited and nervous for the following year.  I'm finally a junior, an upperclassman!!!

This year is going to be super hectic, filled with new school activities, SAT/ACT testing, the hardest classes of my life, and a grand adventure as I prepare for the future.  I am super excited to be focusing on my education as well as my appearance.  I want to make it a personal goal to look my best and have awesome clothing and style this upcoming school year.

For you guys I will be doing a back to school series and giving you all an insight into my first two weeks at school.  My first post will coming up later tonight.  Please be patient as my schedule is packed with classes, after school activities, and personal things.

A quick update for all of you concerning my goals for the school year:
My number one priority is still my relationship with God and my religious/spiritual self.   Following that is my education {I plan on working the hardest I ever have this year}.  Then is my health, I want to continue tracking my meals and working out more consistently than I have been.  Finally is having a social life and work life.  This may be last on the list, but I will definitely make sure to make time for my blog as well as my friends and family.

Good luck to all of my fellow students!  Have a fabulous year.  ;D

xoxo, Ana

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Neutral Matte Nails

Hello Lovelies!

Just wanted to quickly share one of my absolute favorite nail polish combinations I've had in a long time.  I used an dark orange-reddish color from Milani and placed a matte topcoat over one coat of polish.  It came out looking very sophisticated and it lasted much longer than traditional colors.

This isn't a color or length I would typically use, but I was feeling adventurous and I am very glad that I did decide to venture out of my comfort zone.

xoxo, Ana

Friday, August 14, 2015

Style Inspritation: Blair Waldorf

Hey Lovelies!

As you guys know I have been on the hunt for my style and what I want my image to portray.  One of my absolute favorite persons to take inspiration has been the infamous Gossip Girl character Blair Waldorf.  Although I'm unable to afford her immense closet or even a piece of the designer labels she wears, her style and personality is filled with poise and class.

If you are a fan of the show or the books, I wouldn't say I necessarily approve of her moral.  But a lot of her class and poise is admirable, she definitely inspires me to be a classy lady.  Of course, I'm in love with her fashion style.  She uses color and prints, more skirts than pants, tights and heels, and she has a certain class to her style.

Her latter style is my favorite, but we cannot discount her high school fashion choices.  I love that she is a major influence to the fashion world in the show.  I love how she mixes conservative clothing with a sexy edge, yet still makes it classy and age appropriate.  She always looks presentable {even in a nightgown} and I love that they convey her as a real person.

These are ten of my personal favorite looks:

I love the simple, babydoll top.  Paired with a small poncho and black bow tights.  Its a lovely girly outfit with lots of feminine touches.

Again, a lovely piece.  This tight pencil skirt-dress is a great colorblock and the minimal accessories show a great simplicity.

Can I tell you how much I am in love with lace paired with sheer fabrics.  Not to mention her simple nails and effortless hair.

The booties in this outfit definitely make the entire look.  Another great part of this is the mixing of patterns, a very prominent part of her style. 

Her hair accessories and great way of using colors and flowy fabrics is another favorite of mine.  She constantly wears these parisian inspired hats.  They are lovely pops of color and add a feminine touch.

One of my favorite scenes are when she wears her nightgowns.  They are classy and simplistic, just lovely.

I just have to say that our mutual obsession of Paris is wonderful.

She mixes feminine prints {like the tweed Chanel-style blazer} with masculine types.  I also love her use of tights under shorts and skirts, it adds a conservative feminine touch.

Black and white, one of the amazing clasics.  I love the enlarged gingham and trench coat.  Her heels are to die for!  I would love to have her shoe closet.

Chuck and blair... match made in heaven.

Anyways, again the trench coat is fabulous: the pearl buttons are chic and the pleats add an amazing designer tough.  Again, the hats and tights are a great addition to this outfit.

I am in love with this dress!  Lets talk about her makeup for a second, simplistic and natural.  I'm also in love with how amazing her waist is and she often uses dresses and skirts to accentuate it.

Style inspirations are great, but it's also important to remember that we are all our own person.  So just taking inspiration is where my love for B goes.  I love her and she is amazing, but I also love myself and being unique is something she certainly approves of!

xoxo, Ana

Thursday, August 13, 2015

OOTD: Casual Summer Day

Hey Lovelies!

This summer has been full of outrageously hot weather.  No matter where I go it's as if the warm, humid weather follows me.  So for this outfit of the day I have a super sporty, casual, summer outfit.  I wore this to an outdoors birthday party.

I just really like this picture. :D

Shorts paired with the shirt and black sneaks.

Candid.  You can see how I paired the shirt and jeans.

I looked for this shirt everywhere and finally found it.  Its a crisp white shirt with a simple black graphic design {describes my life}. The pants are my favorite simple, basic jeans: no tears, no odd colors, just jeans. I also show them with shorts, since it is super duper hot this summer. My shoes are black and white.  I thought this look did better with more athletic shoes since I was climbing around and walking a lot, but you could also style it using black gladiator sandals.

Simple outfits that look good are my favorite.  This is just one of my new go-to outfits.

xoxo, Ana

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Book Nook: The Elite

Hey Lovelies!

So we are now back to my regular posts.  I recently bought a book at the airport coming back from Puerto Rico.  Although I have been stumped and overloaded with lots of books and things to do for school, I felt it important to take a little bit of time to do something I love and haven't had the luxury of doing in a very long time.

I promise I will try my best not to give any spoilers in this in depth review, but if you haven't read the first book The Selection by Kiera Cass then I suggest that you not read my review until you have read it, but to answer the questions:  Yes, I recommend the first book.  Yes, I recommend the second book.
To be quite honest these books intrigued me because of their covers.  The model is absolutely gorgeous, the dresses she wears are spectacular, and the colors really draw attention.  I am in love with old dresses and the ornate styles they used in the late eighteenth century, very similar to the ones they use in the series.

As for the writing style of the book I believe it was phenomenally written.  The scenes were described beautifully, both in the first and second novels.  The characters {here are many to pay attention to in this book} are well developed and each have their own flare that continually follows the plot.  It can be a bit difficult to pick apart each character as they continue to increase in relevance.  At one point I had to stop to think , in my head, who are the maids, who are the competition, who is the queen, and who is the advisor.  So many female names are introduced it was difficult to keep track of them at one point.

I promised to no spoilers.  But I will say this, I fell in love with this book.  Few times are romances so realistic and intricate as in this novel.  Cass did a fantastic job at bringing the reader into America's world.  I felt part of the Selection.

The plot is intriguing and wonderful.  I recommend this book 100%.

xoxo, Ana

Friday, August 7, 2015

Puerto Rico: Day 40

Hello Lovelies!

Last day on the island and I definitely had mixed feelings.  My sister and I were upset because we had to leave our family and island behind, but ready to come home.

Our flight got delayed five hours {you read correct FIVE hours}.  So we got a good look at what it's like to be in an airport alone for the first time.  The flight was great and relatively empty.  Thank God we made it home safely.

Ready to go home!

At the airport.

We ate Auntie Anne's as a snack.

Waiting at the airport.

Finally on the plane! We had lots of snacks.

Yes I bought a book.
I read half of it in the day I was at the airport. ;D

Home Sweet Home!

I am so happy that I got to document my trip to Puerto Rico on my blog.  This just goes to show that I can complete my goals and that with motivation anything is possible.  I hope that you guys enjoyed my last 41 posts.  They weren't my usual posts of fashion and fitness and that sort of thing, but they were entertaining and it honestly brought me so much joy.

xoxo, Ana

Puerto Rico: Day 39

Hey Lovelies!

So as I sated in the last post, nothing exciting will be happening in the upcoming Puerto Rico blogs because it was the last few days and they were filled with a lot less fun and a lot more preparation.  I am currently back home and I did take a few days break just because I was exhausted from the flight and exhausted from the trip in general.  I am slowly getting back into the rhythm of things.

Starting the packing process.

We made some super awesome brownies!

A lizard in the toilet... poor guy got flushed down.  oops.

Have an amazing day!

xoxo, Ana

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Puerto Rico: Day 38

Hey Lovelies.

Unfortunately there won't be any more cool, super-fun posts coming up but I want to finish this series so I will tell you all how my day went.

Today I made another sewing project for my aunt because she needed it.  I made her a cosmetic bag using the same pattern as I used for mine.  It came out much better because I fixed mistakes made in the other bag.  I also worked out!!! It makes me really happy but my diet hasn't exactly been the best but it's okay I will fix it when I get home.

xoxo, Ana