Saturday, February 27, 2016

Big Things Coming

Hello Lovelies!

As those of you know who read my second to last post, I have kind of been dealing with a lot lately and life has kind of been a whirlpool of new experiences, both good and bad.  For a minute I felt very hopeless and like things were never going to get better.  God, as always, has proved me very wrong.

Sometimes, God has an unconventional way of showing us that life has it's difficult moments but it always gets better.  He will never put us through anything that He feels we cannot endure.  And as a teenager in today's society, those hardships become a lot more public.  He is always pushing us, testing our limits, helping us to go in his path.  If you are as stubborn as I am, sometimes that requires a little push.

The last couple of weeks served as a BIG push.  God most definitely tested my limits and although I failed in some aspects, I got back up on my saddle and pushed myself toward God's path.  Now, I am reaping the rewards.  My life is taking a very busy turn for the better.  {As if I wasn't busy enough...}

I am finally going to Philadelphia on Thursday and I couldn't be more excited !!!

My academic team made it to Washington DC !!!

I might be getting a job.... or I at least applied !!!

In a few months I start college applications !!!

So basically, my life got really exciting, really fast.  I am super pleased at how everything is turning out, although I am exhausted and stressed {good stress guys :D}.  New opportunities are so important to take advantage of and make the most.  You can always learn something new from even the simplest of moments.

Hopefully my new job means a better wardrobe which means more fashion posts.  And hopefully I will take lots of pictures in Philly and Washington and life will be great because you all have new content and I get new experience!

I hope you all are having a great February and ill talk to you in a few.

xoxo, Ana

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Relative Happiness.

Hey Lovelies!

Today I have a post for you all that is a bit more intimate.  I want to talk about happiness, specifically "relative happiness."

Most of us live in a place where no real poverty exists, only relative poverty.  We compare ourselves to other people and we compare what we have to what others have.  But we have a choice to live a happy and fulfilled life, and yet many of us are not proud or glad at their current position in life.  We are never content, we always want more, seeking perfection.

Happiness is a choice, a feeling.  Not always is happiness available for us, sometimes we have to feel sad, upset, even depressed.  What we cease to realize is that joy and great pleasure is a lifestyle that you can commit to.  Life does not always hand you lemons, life will have hardships and you will suffer.  But that does not mean that you can never be happy again.

You can choose to go about living your life dwelling on the things that did not happen and on the things that you did not have.  Or you can choose to dwell on the people that love you and the happiness you gained from simple things, like a lovely sunset.  Focus on the fact that there are people out there with so much less, who are living in real poverty, spending days hungry and alone.

Did you know that generosity releases hormones that make you feel better, happier?

Give back to those who have less.  Give back to those who have helped you.  Give back to those who have hurt you.

Live a life of joy!  Live a life worth living.  You only have one chance, you only have this moment to make it count.  So choose happiness!

We all have someone who cares for us, even when you feel as if you don't!  If you are reading this, know that I love you and I appreciate you.

xoxo, Ana

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Where have I been?

Hello Lovelies!

As per usual, I took an unexpected break.  Life has been really odd lately, been dealing with so much at one time I kind of lost track of myself and really couldn't get my head together until recently.  Sometimes, you just have to remind yourself of who you want to be and not get sidetracked by other people.  It's so easy to become disengaged in your own goals because of other people who are simply jealous of everything you have accomplished thus far.

From that lesson, I took a very hard hit.  I didn't pay attention to my grades or my religion or anything that ever mattered to me before.  Although I realize that this is all part of the process of life and growing up and I don't regret anything that happened because I did grow and mature, it hurt me and I had to take time to re-center myself.  Even though I'm not completely recalibrated, I'm a much better point in my life now.

Basically this means that I will be back to blogging! Yay, finally!

I have some new ideas about posts and I have a little bit more artistic freedom now. Hopefully I will be getting a job soon and that will give me more opportunities to invest in my blog.  There are so many things I want to do in the near future and it makes me really happy to know they are so near into the future!

I  hope you've all had a wonderful last couple of weeks, can't wait for what the future holds.

xoxo, Ana