Saturday, February 27, 2016

Big Things Coming

Hello Lovelies!

As those of you know who read my second to last post, I have kind of been dealing with a lot lately and life has kind of been a whirlpool of new experiences, both good and bad.  For a minute I felt very hopeless and like things were never going to get better.  God, as always, has proved me very wrong.

Sometimes, God has an unconventional way of showing us that life has it's difficult moments but it always gets better.  He will never put us through anything that He feels we cannot endure.  And as a teenager in today's society, those hardships become a lot more public.  He is always pushing us, testing our limits, helping us to go in his path.  If you are as stubborn as I am, sometimes that requires a little push.

The last couple of weeks served as a BIG push.  God most definitely tested my limits and although I failed in some aspects, I got back up on my saddle and pushed myself toward God's path.  Now, I am reaping the rewards.  My life is taking a very busy turn for the better.  {As if I wasn't busy enough...}

I am finally going to Philadelphia on Thursday and I couldn't be more excited !!!

My academic team made it to Washington DC !!!

I might be getting a job.... or I at least applied !!!

In a few months I start college applications !!!

So basically, my life got really exciting, really fast.  I am super pleased at how everything is turning out, although I am exhausted and stressed {good stress guys :D}.  New opportunities are so important to take advantage of and make the most.  You can always learn something new from even the simplest of moments.

Hopefully my new job means a better wardrobe which means more fashion posts.  And hopefully I will take lots of pictures in Philly and Washington and life will be great because you all have new content and I get new experience!

I hope you all are having a great February and ill talk to you in a few.

xoxo, Ana