Sunday, March 26, 2017

Being a Leader

Hello Lovelies!

As I have stated before, I am in a position of leadership at my school as the Battalion Commander of  Junior ROTC program of 250 cadets.  This past year has taught me so much about being in charge of a large group of people and being held accountable for everything that happens concerning the group. Leadership is so much more than just delegating and commanding people, it is so much more than just telling others what to do while you sit back and take the credit.  I am held responsible for all the good and bad that happens in the Gator Battalion.  So, stemming from this experience that is about to end in less than a month (wow, that's actually crazy) I wanted to let you all know some of the lessons I have learned this past school year!

~ 1 ~
Always be part of the process, but learn to delegate.
So, the majority of the time people that are placed in high authority have type A personalities.  From a psychological perspective dealing with stress, type A personalities are more competitive and self-critical.  It is important to know, you cannot control every little detail.  But that does not mean you must delegate every single task to someone else and just watch them do all the work.  Have a balance between delegating and doing thing yourself.

~ 2 ~
Be passionate about what you do.
People around you, particularly those underneath your leadership, will notice any changes in your enthusiasm and will mimic whatever you do.  If you are having a bad day, they will have a bad day as well.  If you lose passion for what you do, everyone around you will feel the same way.  I have watched projects fail because the participants lose passion due to bad/lack of leadership.  Remember, you are the foundation of whatever your in charge of.

~ 3 ~
Comparison is the thief of joy.
Whatever you do, never compare yourself to other leaders.  There is a stigma that you must be better than the last and you must be the best in your group, but that is not necessarily always the most optimal viewpoint.  You are not in a competition with anyone but yourself.  So focus on what you have to do and do the best within your own capabilities and everything will turn out fine.

~ 4 ~
Learn from those around you.
Despite being chosen for the position of Battalion Commander, I take the time every day to speak to the freshman in the program and converse with them as I would with a friend.  This is something that so many leaders overlook, the power of the smaller majority.  Everyone underneath you is dependent on you and it is important to know who they are and to learn from them.  They have ideas and concerns and they can bring a new perspective to the table. Do not underestimate anyone.

~ 5 ~
Trust yourself. Only yourself.
I once said, "Loneliness is an easy thing to come by on the road to success." That is true.  Being in charge and accountable for everything that occurs to a group of people forces you to make certain sacrifices.  My best advice is to keep things to yourself concerning the leadership role you are in because many people will want to see you fail.  Obviously do not hold things in and speak to trusted advisers but be careful about who you choose and acknowledge that you are in a position others want and may envy.

~ 6 ~
There is more to life than what you are leading.
As much as people tend to make their entire lives about work or about something very important to them, it is essential to maintain a balance among all aspects of life.  There is still family, religion, friends, and simple daily tasks that can be put on the back-burner.  Do not feel bad or selfish for occasionally saying no or taking a day off.

Leadership is such an important skill to have in life and I think everyone should have the basics of leading a group of people.  I hope this post will help some of you out in any upcoming leadership roles you may encounter.  If you have any questions or need some advice, I am always available so do not hesitate to ask.

Have a blessed day!

xoxo, Ana