Saturday, April 15, 2017



Recently, things in my life have changed.  I have changed.  My perspective, my priorities, everything about me has matured and grown up into a small, concise package that is Ana Valentin.  When I began writing my blog, I made it in the hopes that I could share some of my high school experience as well as my love for fashion and other super girly things.  As crazy as it may seem, I am not the same person I was as a freshman in high school.  I have grown up a little and honestly, fashion is no longer a priority of mine (mostly due to lack of funds, but we will ignore that).

There is so much more I want to discuss and put out into the world (even if the only people that read this are my parents, hi mom and dad :).  Point being: my blog is a piece of me that will continue evolving as I do.

Quick Update:
So yes, I have chosen to change my blog and eventually the style and look will change too.  As I go into college and face the real world, I will have new experiences with new people and a whole new life.  Right now, things are changing drastically and not in the way anyone expected them to.  I will be remaining at home, living at home, commuting to college, studying biomedical engineering, while *hopefully* working part-time nearby.  No, I haven't decided if I will go to medical school or grad school or anything else for that matter.
But I am getting a new car and its beautiful, I will share at a later date.

Some of you may be wondering, why has Ana suddenly decided to make such a drastic change? Well my dear reader, because a drastic change was made in me.  I want to have fun times and be goofy and at the same time be able to uphold a meaningful conversation with another person, and I want my blog to reflect that.  I attempted to emulate people with a totally different life perspective than mine previously.  Now I am creating my own content that makes me happy and sparks a discussion that I want.

For a long time, I did not use my blog or write anything because I did not know how to tie in my life to my blog.  This time I can share my life, the reality of what college is like from my perspective and make a place where my ideas and my thoughts can flourish and my experiences can be shared without the overwhelming need to make everything perfect like all other social media seems to force us to do.  I realize I am not attending a college like Stanford where different minds come together in a melting pot of brilliance, but I've come to the conclusion that anything you do in life is up to YOU to make the most out of it.

I hope you all can support me in my decision to change this blog into a more lifestyle-discussion piece.

Thank you for all the loyal few that continuously read my work, and to the new readers I hope you stay to find out what I am all about.