Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy 2017: I'm Back and I'm Better

Hello Lovelies!

It has been so long since my last actual post.  I honestly feel as if I have abandoned one of my favorite aspects of my life.  I have been extremely busy.  There has been many events that have occurred since we last spoke.  I want to quickly fill you guys in on some of the things that have occurred since I last wrote before I let you all know about the future, especially concerning my senior year of high school! :D

Well, I have participated in countless events such as the Freedoms Foundation Valley Forge trip as well as an awesome program called H2O to Go at Florida Atlantic University.  Those were more educational trips concerning history and marine biology, respectively.  I also went to Washington DC for Academic Team and made 16th in the United States.  Then, as a senior in high school so much has happened.  I am the Battalion Commander of my JROTC program so that's been so much work but I have also done Raiders (we made it to states! :) and other events throughout the year.  It has been very stressful but rewarding.  In my personal life, I had a boyfriend and then realized that neither was prepared for that kind of commitment and broke up with him shortly after.  Now I am spending time with my closest friends.

The biggest news has to be my acceptance into The Catholic University of America in Washington DC.  I have placed my enrollment fee in and will officially be attending in August 2017 in the school of Engineering to study Biomedical Engineering with a focus on pre-med.  I am super excited for the opportunity to study at such an amazing and religiously fulfilling institution.

The year 2016 was really difficult for me and very enlightening.  I am ready to go into 2017 with a new perspective and insight into what life is really about.

I hope you all had an amazing new years and holiday season and are prepared for another year of new experiences and obstacles.

xoxo, Ana