Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cardinal Preview Day 2017

Hello Lovelies!

As you are all now aware of, I will be attending the Catholic University of America in the upcoming semester.  This past weekend I attended Cardinal Preview Day in which I got to explore the campus, speak to prospective students, and check out the Biomedical Engineering program.  I absolutely loved the experience and it really confirmed my choice in attending that institution.

I will be getting back into blogging as I've truly been missing writing and want to share the college experience with all of you.  Lots of things will be changing as I enter university, obviously I will be moving from Florida to Washington D.C. which is a completely different world.  This is incredibly exciting and I am honestly really happy.

Here are some pictures from the trip:

I really hope that I will be given the opportunity to remain consistent on my blog and hope that all goes well throughout the next four years.

xoxo, Ana

P.S. - Not sure if you noticed, but I did cut and color my hair.  I still have mixed feelings but I may go blonder next time!!