Tuesday, May 23, 2017



My two favorite subjects in school have always been science and mathematics.  As a young girl, I was often teased and bullied for doing well in school and enjoying these subjects (even when I myself did not understand them).  Females are told from a young age that they do not belong in the STEM field because of their gender, because of women's predetermined role in society.  Furthermore, the entire discussion of science is seen as something to be discussed by people who lack the knowledge to be adequately part of the conversation.

Obviously, I consider myself a laymen, someone who lacks proper specialized knowledge in a particular subject.  I am still a student, still in the process of learning.  But this makes my role in the conversation that much greater, it makes me and all other students part of the future.

This weekend the March for Science was held in more than 600 cities across the world on Earth Day.  I learned more about the subject, as it is directly related to the field of engineering in which I plan on going into.  The movement is based "on informed advocacy, community building, and accessible education" (according to the March for Science website homepage: https://satellites.marchforscience.com).

Instantly, I thought about the great impact science and learning has on our community.

It is so important to be part of a conversation and to establish a connection with the world around us in a more coherent and specialized manner.  So, I encourage all of you reading this to become more aware.  Science may not be your best subject, sometimes the material is difficult to grasp and the lessons are hard to apply but it impacts every single one of us on a daily basis.

Learn. Be present.  Establish yourself as a member of society.

This world, it is not going to be here forever.  We must learn not only to care for it but to evolve in it.

If you have any topics or things that you wished to be discussed, please leave them in the comments below.


P.S. - I wrote this a while ago and simply forgot to post it (lol) but I still believe the message is pertinent and hopefully sparks a discussion.